This week’s helping of the best the universe has to offer from the Wired photo department.

This galaxy, Markarian 1018, has brightened and dimmed rapidly in the last 30 years, which scientists believe is due to a black hole that hasn’t been fed enough fuel, darkening its surroundings.

Photography: NASA

NGC 1222 is swallowing up two smaller dwarf galaxies that came too close, contributing to this gas-fueled star formation.

Photography: ESA/NASA

These protoplanetary discs are shaping around young stars, illustrating how planets form.

Photography: ESO

These interacting galaxies in the Canis Major constellation, 114 million light-years from Earth, have taken on an ocular structure.

Photography: ALMA

This map of the Milky Way was created with a catalog of over a billion stars.

Photography: ESA