Right in the heart of the Landes region of France, the Les Echasses hotel installation interacts with a landscaped tableau where human intervention is in dialogue with nature.

Photography: Vincent Monthiers | Architecture: Patrick Arotcharen

The first stage of the project consisted of transforming the existing lake into a landscape of dunes crowned with slender pines: the dredged sand was heaped up around the edges of the lake in order to create little bays where the bungalows lie.

Built in wood, these are characterized by a notably prismatic arrangement which favors openings onto the lake while conserving the privacy of the occupants.

The pavilion’s oblique lines, as well as the reception building’s, form a contrast with the rounded dunes and the linear canopy behind.

The harmony between the constructions and the environment is not built on imitation: the architecture and the site are defined by a contrasting homology. Placed over the water that mirrors them, these small, autonomous units are a point in the landscape and allow nature to form a continuous milieu. Different pathways snake between the hills and, through the variety of perspectives on offer on the site, this feeling is confirmed.