Meet the Hover Camera Passport, a killer hovering drone camera that is essentially “release and forget.” Using sophisticated mobile processors coupled with advanced face and body tracking, your new flying mobile buddy can follow you around autonomously. So next time you’re at the skatepark, or just hanging at the beach or a backyard BBQ, you can let it fly.

Photography: Zero Zero Robotics


One of the great things about it is that unlike existing drones, the Hover has a fully enclosed carbon fiber frame, enabling you to grab it mid-air to retrieve it. No worries about losing fingers to those pesky propellers.

It’s got an “orbit” mode, which puts it in a constant circle path around you, as well as a 360 Spin mode that captures a full panorama of its surroundings.

It’s crazy portable and super light, weighing in at a mere 242 grams, meaning you don’t need to be registered to use it in some regions.

Available for $599, which is pretty darn reasonable should you treasure your outdoor activities and adventures.