Imagine being able to live directly among nature, where even your home mimics the surroundings. Meet the Single Pole House (a.k.a The Primeval Symbiosis Project), an inspired design project by architecture student and interior designer Konrad Wójcik. His goal? To create organic living spaces directly within forests without without disrupting the innate beauty of nature.

Photography: Konrad Wójcik

Reminiscent of a tree both structurally and visually, each abode is situated on a stand, providing a stable foundation while also leaving a near zero footprint on the forest floor.

The four-floor design was primarily designed for two occupants, but can can be modified for a family of four.

Still in the conceptual phase — but not merely just a dream — as Wójcik has produced detailed schematics for eventual construction. Let hope he makes it a reality.