So you’ve probably heard that there’s a technology revolution for mobile devices coming, and it’s called 5G. Short for “5th generation wireless,” it’s massively faster than the 4G LTE services today, and promises to drive down costs to you at the same time. We take a look at T-Mobile to see more about how they’re leading the charge.

Photography: T-Mobile

Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist & Futurist

Ok, this guy Michio is a very smart guy, and he summed up 5G with this simple comment, “When you think about the future, hold on to your hat.” He compares 5G to fundamental shifts in the history of the world, such as the invention of the printing press. Before, people were literally creating copies of everything by hand. Ouch.

Just a few years after the introduction of the printing press, Europe went from tens of thousands of books to over a million. That’s wasn't just a small change, it was revolutionary. Bring on the 5G!

T-Mobile's 5G Will be Everywhere. For Real.

While all carriers are working toward this 5G future, the new T-Mobile (formed by the upcoming merger with Sprint) has taken a particularly aggressive stance. Known as the “uncarrier,” this former upstart is moving so fast that you could now call them the outright leader in 5G.

Unlike companies such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, T-Mobile’s goal is to expand 5G services across the entire nation. Not just in a handful of cities, but 5G in virtually every part of every state. If they pull that off, that’s a game changer.

So How Fast is It, Really?

Out of the gate, 5G speeds will run up to 5x faster than your current LTE phone. But that’s just getting started. By 2024 with enhanced coverage, T-Mobile promises to be up to 15x faster. And they say they won't cost any more than their current plans. Wow.

Why Does Faster Matter?

So yeah, while you’ll be able to watch Netflix in 4K HD on your phone, it’s really about how 5G is going to enable things you can’t even imagine now. Getting real-time language translation - for real.

Or video chatting with multiple friends in real-time, in full HD quality, with zero delay to discuss your new clothing choices.

And if you're curious about how your motorcycle works (yes, there are people that are :-), imagine being able to access everything about it, immediately. And how about doing it with smart glasses or Internet connected contact lenses that literally project information directly on to your eye?

You may think this is crazy talk, but seriously, this stuff is going to happen in the future.

Cars and Bicycles, Oh My!

Car companies like Tesla are leading the way into the world of self-driving cars, along with Lyft, Uber and more — and they’re all going to need to communicate faster than ever. And yes, people on bicycles too.

Automatically managing traffic, selecting optimal routes and staying in contact with others on the road all require substantially faster Internet connections, and 5G makes that a reality. So buckle up and hold on to your hat, because T-Mobile is bringing you 5G -- and life's about to get much better for it.