There are super yachts, and there are super yachts. Monaco-based designer George Lucian has his own unique view on this topic, and his aptly named “Dare to Dream” concept certainly would be unlike anything else. The vessel is slated to span 460 feet and house a 330 foot airship. Of course it’s also equipped with a helipad. Why limit yourself to cruising when you can also fly?

Photography: George Lucian

His target is “a visionary owner who would be equally passionate about yachting and flying. Someone who might not only be interested in a relaxing dinner off the coast of Monaco on his yacht, but also adventurous enough to fly off for a few days in his state-of-the-art airship.” The Zeppelin is named The Flying Diamond, and it consumes helium produced by its mother ship.

Said Lucian, “My concept [sought inspiration] from the yachting industry and military vessels design, but also from fascination with beginning-of-the-century zeppelins that were transporting passengers across the Atlantic in a luxury and romantic manner.”

Its design assumes inclusion of a saloon, a dining room and cocktail lounge, and has enough space for 12 guests and 40 crew members.

Often these super yachts never come to fruition, but with something this unique let’s hope The Dare to Dream is an exception.