London-based Little Planet Factory is one of the more unique companies you’ll find, combining perfectionist artistry with science and state of the art 3D printing. From planets to stars to moons, you can now get your own little piece(s) of the universe — those large enough to set on your desk, or small enough to hold in your hand. Each body is painstakingly built layer-by-layer until both the color and geometry are perfect, then finished with a hand-applied protective coating. Little Plant Factory produces a broad variety of celestial bodies starting at $25.

Photography: Little Planet Factory

The 8 planets of the Solar System to scale

Much as in reality, the majority of the set's volume and mass is dominated by the gas giants with the terrestrial planets making only a partial handful of objects.

In addition the gas giants feature their equatorial deformation to scale, reproduced with their correct oblate spheroid shape.

Available in scales from 1:1.5. 1:1 and 1:0.7 billion scale models.

Solar System in a Bottle

The planets use relative, logarithmic-like scaling to each other. If an object is smaller than another, it is probably a lot smaller, and if it is bigger, it is probably a lot bigger. (Jupiter, to "proper" scale with that Earth, would be near the size of a watermelon!)

Contains mini versions of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.