The mother of three—and interior design junkie—sought both form and function when designing her growing family's primary residence. “My designer Dan Scotti definitely pushed me to a more modern style, still beautiful but more streamlined. I was building a home for a family not for a girl who was single in her 30s like I had been for so long. I kind of needed to be pushed in another direction,” Sims says.

Photography: Ye Rin Mok | Author: Carson Griffith

A pair of 1960s French Guillerme et Chambron oak lounge chairs were then creatively upholstered with Santa Rosa acrylic outdoor fabric.

“I found these vintage Milo Baughman chairs, but the dealer only had six, so I spent the next 48 hours scouring the internet. I found six with one dealer, and four with another so I was able to execute the deal at the exact same time,” explains Scotti. “When I received them they were upholstered in black leather and they looked like they belonged in a bachelor apartment.” To soften their look, he reupholstered them in “Fuzzy Wuzzy” faux fur fabric by Elizabeth Dow.

“Our favorite room in the whole house is the kitchen because that’s ultimately where everyone is,” says Sims. For the backsplash tile, Scotti used Grove glazed brickworks in the color Deep Naval Blue from Waterworks. He also picked up vintage stoneware vessels from Brenda Antin in Beverly Hills.

“Her taste has changed over time,” Scotti says of Sims. “I think she has inspired me to use more color than I might otherwise use, and I think I've inspired her to use less color.”

“Molly is very engaged with her followers on social media. She uses her home to shoot videos and YouTube videos, and I was cognizant she would be using it as a backdrop,” says Scotti. He took this into consideration when selecting the placement of objects and pops of color.

Curtains made from Safi Ebony fabric purchased from Romo and a "Harbor Bed" designed by SR Gambrel for Dune in the master bedroom are two of Sims’s favorite things in the house.

A piece of Cy Twombly artwork and a vintage Spanish woven basket from Hollywood at Home add personal touches to the bathroom.

“The wine closet was a raw space when they purchased the house, but it had already been designated as a wine closet because of the glass doors. The flooring is petite granite which is Belgian limestone with a hand distressed edge,” explains Scotti.

“We did things like really nice high-end waterproof outdoor materials on our main couch—not just in the playroom—because there’s ice cream and bottles and everything in the world,” says Sims.

“My husband just kept saying: Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable,” says Sims.

“It’s very chic but it’s also where a big family lives. We have 3 kids now,” says Sims. The teddy bear in the playroom is the actual bear from Ted—Sims’s husband, Scott Stuber, was a producer on the original film and the sequel.

“We wanted to arrange the seating on the terrace in a way to maximize the view,” Scott explains. He picked up Charter adjustable chaise lounge chairs from Summit.

"The canyon views on this property are just outstanding, and I think it was one of their primary decisions to buy this house," says Scotti.