The Hyperloop vision of real-world Tony Stark (a.k.a. Elon Musk), still seems more like science fiction than an actual project, but these photos show that the technology is slowly beginning to become a reality.

Photography: hyperloop | one

The new images depict a structure named the "DevLoop", a 500 meter long 3.3 meter in diameter suspended track Developed by Hyperloop One in the Nevada Desert. Located 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, the futuristic tube may one day carry passengers at ridiculous speeds across the entire United States.

The new images are not the most thrilling, but the mere potential of the project is enough to get excited about. Musk's idea has multiple companies vying to become industry leaders, and he himself is dreaming up possible improvements in the technology, such as incorporating the Hyperloop with his conceptual tunnel-drilling efforts.

Technological visionaries such as Musk are truly propelling us into the future, and the Hyperloop is a perfect example of what that future might look like.