Anyone who’s looked out an airplane window knows this, but it bears repeating: the Earth’s surface is awesome. Daily Overview is like that window, except at any given moment you could be gazing out over Center pivot irrigation fields in Saudi Arabia, or umbrellas on the beaches of the Canary Islands, or the brightly hued Bicycle Snake ramp in Copenhagen. In Daily Overview, the scenery and the photographer changes—but the bird’s eye view stays the same.

Photography: Daily Overview

The satellite was a remarkable 800 miles away over the Pacific Ocean when this Overview of Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and downtown San Francisco was captured.

Two container ships are docked at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. From 1962 until 2002, the facility was the world’s busiest port, but was overtaken first by the the port in Singapore and later by the port in Shanghai, China. Container ships such as these can weigh up to 300,000 tons and extend up to 1,200 feet (366 meters).

Olive tree plantations cover the hills of Córdoba, Spain. Approximately 90% of all harvested olives are turned in to oil, while the other 10% are eaten as table olives.

Residential development is seen in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Because many cities in the state contain master-planned communities, often built on top of waterways in the latter half of the twentieth century, there are a number of intricate designs that are visible from the Overview perspective. Boca Raton is home to roughly 91,000 residents.

This beach is located in St. John’s — the capital and largest city on the Caribbean island.

Houses, built in concentric circles, make up a section of Sun City, Arizona, USA. When the development opened on January 1, 1960, the event attracted a crowd of more than 100,000 onlookers and the "futuristic development" was featured on the cover of Time magazine.

Captured above Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan on September 23, 2001.

Bondi Beach is located in Sydney, Australia and gets its name from the Aboriginal word “Bondi” that means waves breaking over rocks.

Delhi, India contains approximately 16 million residents. The neighborhoods of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar, both pictured here, are home to some of the city’s poorest people and contain its most built-up and densely populated land. Numerous studies have shown a correlation between the wealth of a residential area and its total number of trees and the amount of green space. This Overview is a particularly striking example of that trend.

LA’s international airport, commonly referred to as LAX. Last year, the facility handled nearly 75 million passengers, making it the seventh busiest in the world.