The famous purple apartment her character inhabited on Friends may have inspired decades of interior design, but it turns out Courteney Cox has serious style in real life, too. And if you're a mega-fan of the actress, good news: Beginning this Tuesday, you can own a piece of her Malibu home, thanks to One Kings Lane. After becoming a frequent visitor to London (where her Irish boyfriend lives), Cox decided to swap out some of her beloved furnishings for new, Anglo-inspired ones. On January 17, she is opening the doors of her airy, beachside abode for a Tastemaker Tag Sale, for which she'll offer up a selection of her own furniture for sale on One Kings Lane. Cox's style is an appealing mix of midcentury-modern silhouettes and relaxed, layered texture, with a serious dose of California cool. The actress shies away from defining herself with one specific aesthetic, though: "The most important thing to me is just to have personality," she says. "I think all the things that I’m selling are parts of me.” Click through for a tour of the home, and shop the collection on One Kings Lane beginning tomorrow.

Photography: Laure Joliet | Author: Hadley Keller

A slatted-wood cocktail table in the living room is part of the sale. "Before, I was kind of into organic with modern, and now I’m into really old mixed with cleaner stuff," Cox explains of her change-up. "I’m not really changing everything, just a shift. Why not?”

Cox will also sell several pieces of decorative glassware. "Now I just want to fill the home with stuff that I collect over time," she says, "stuff that means something to me, that’s part of my new life with my new relationship. Johnny and I go shopping together a lot. So now it’s bringing in a new world.”

Cox in her living room. "If it was up to me, everything would have been one color—monochromatic, very simple," she says of the decor. "When I got this house, my designer, Trip Haenisch, was able to bring in the pops of color and the interesting pieces I wouldn’t have necessarily gone for. We had a fantastic time doing it.”

Cox in her dining room; the table, chairs, and chandelier are all for sale. “I’ve been going to a lot of flea markets," the actress says. "My boyfriend lives in London, so I’ve been going to England a lot—I’ve probably been six times in the last eight months—and any little towns outside London are fantastic. It’s really easy to find things there that you have to be a scavenger for at the flea markets here.”

The home offers sweeping ocean views.

Several potted plants, this one among them, are included in the sale. Cox's frequent visits to London unearthed an Anglophile style that she will embrace more going forward. "It turns out I’m very English," she says. "So I just thought that’s a nice shift, to be able to add in old with the new.”

A pergola-covered terrace is the perfect place to dine alfresco. Shoppers can snap up Cox's outdoor table and chairs from One Kings Lane.