Professional skier Jon Olsson doesn’t do anything halfway, and the supercar aficionado just demonstrated that once again. Because a stock Lamborghini Huracan clearly isn’t optimized for ski travel, he had to make it so.

Photography: Jon Olsson

After dumping his customized Audi RS6 in jet black and red, Olsson's turned to his own trademark winter camo style to wrap the Huracan’s exterior. And no, the sleek object on the top isn’t some sort of futuristic aerodynamic device to keep the Huracan stuck to the road, rather it’s his briefcase — the 56° Nord roof ski box.

The base price of the 2016 Huracan is roughly $200K, but Olsson turned to Swedish tuner Stertman Engineering to add five more digits to the cost, courtesy of a $33K supercharger kit from VF-Engineering. Olsson’s rocket now sports >800hp, easily allowing him to leave owners of the standard 602hp engine in his wake. To state the obvious, ”this is quite a bit more extreme,” he quipped.

And because one can’t upgrade the power plant without an exclamation point, a titanium Akropovic exhaust system was added to up the decibel levels.

The car’s performance is now comparable to the famed Bugatti Veyron, and to underscore that fact, Olsson is equipping it with a more revealing engine cover to make his point. In a change from the expected, Olsson dumped the ceramic brakes for high-performance cast iron rotors due to better performance in cold weather. That’s unintuitive, yet makes sense.

But his decision to actually lower the chassis as well is a bit more of a head scratcher. "I know its a bit lower than your ideal winter transporter. But who ever said epic was always practical?" he added. Hard to argue with that.