Most people think that Superyachts are the ultimate luxury as they can achieve the highest levels of luxury – not only on the design and engineering, but also in the lifestyle surrounding them – as they can gather inside the whole luxury industry – from jewelry to the finest furniture, Supercars, helicopters and mini boats – so as to enjoy the whole World in a never-ending journey. For others, Private Jets are the ultimate luxury with their amazing interior design, and outstanding engineering that enables people to travel faster whilst enjoying the best, but in short periods of time. And finally you can think that 5-star hotels can include even much more luxury as they can feature sculptures, and art and paintings and incredible amounts of gold imbued in outstanding suites with incredible views, though you can never experience that in private like you can in a yacht or a private jet. But there is one thing that they won’t ever achieve: to be considered a Superhome,and there is when they find their limit in luxury. Ström Architects has planned a series of 30 limited-edition bespoke luxury residences around the world for the super-rich. The project is named Superhouse, and like fine pieces of art, each home will feature its engraved numbered edition. The homes will be entirely bespoke and dependent on the client’s lifestyle and interests. Here is one client's dream.

Photography: Ström Architects