Most people dance with their feet on the ground. The Breitling Wingwalkers acrobats perform their synchronized ballet in mid-air and in full flight, perched on the upper wing of a plane. A truly breathtaking sight. The spiritual heirs of the famous “barnstormers”, the teams of pilots and stuntmen who performed during the period between the two world wars, the Breitling Wingwalkers are equipped with 1940s open-cockpit Boeing Stearman biplanes – complete with the beautiful signature sound of their 450 HP engines and an orange livery that makes it easier to follow their performances. This team is unique in the world and has already made a name for itself at countless air shows in Europe as well as on other continents. The acrobats must keep in excellent physical shape as well as displaying impeccable composure and endurance to perform their moves in perfect harmony. While the Wingwalkers dance across the planes, the pilots perform an extremely precise program of figures while flying in close formation. The young women are subjected to speeds of up to 240 km/h and up to 4G forces. A concentrated blend of performance, professionalism and style, entirely in accordance with the Breitling spirit.

Photography: Breitling