Luka Sabbat, a 19-year-old cool kid who grew up in Paris and N.Y.C., is the handsome face of fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and the poster child—literally, he’s on posters sprinkled throughout the Sohos of New York and London—for the new creative generation. Those models who want to be more than models, who want to make fashion things on multiple fronts, to wear many hats (and sharp-angled shirts…and ninja pants...). The youngest version of those side-hustlers we just told you about on page 60. The kids that Kanye wrought. Jacks-of-all-trades who draw, DJ, and design—or, in the case of Sabbat, hold gallery openings for his photography, walk in Yeezy shows, and release look books for his clothing collection (or at least that’s what was on the slate the week we spoke). “Modeling isn’t bad when you’re only trying to be a model,” he says, playing with the curly, dreaded ’fro that served as his signature before people knew his name. “But I’m trying to be LVMH.” That is, a creative fashion conglomerate the world over. You know, your typical teenage dream

Photography: Kai Z Feng | Modeling: Luka Sabbat | Author: Mark Anthony Green


When your leather jacket is this swanky, it doesn’t matter if the rest of your clothes are bargains (or your drawers are hanging out). You’re gonna look rich.

Jacket, $9,500, by Bottega Veneta / Pants, $50, by Zara / T-shirt, $40, by Armani Exchange / Boxer briefs, by Supreme x Hanes / Scarf by Tom Ford / Watch by Rolex

How to take your sweats to the stratosphere? Some bank-breaking French moon boots.

Sneakers, $1,090, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci / Hoodie, $35, by H&M / Track Pants, $35, by H&M / Socks by Vetements x Reebok / Backpack by Epperson Mountaineering / Armchair by Cassina / Watch by Rolex

If 2017 has a status symbol, it’s a Gucci carp swimming around your quadriceps.

Pants, $1,650, by Gucci / Hoodie, $150, by Kinfolk / Shoes, $63, by School Issue / Plaid shirt by Levi’s Vintage Clothing / Socks by Corgi Socks / Watch by Rolex

All that intricate embroidery costs money. But it’s also what sets your jacket apart from everyone else’s.

Jacket, $895, by Coach 1941 / Pants, $40, by Zara / T-shirt by Velva Sheen / Watch by Rolex

This cardigan costs three times more than the suit he’s wearing over it. Now, that’s a flex move.

Cardigan, $1,045, by Lanvin / Suit, $350, by Tommy Hilfiger Tailored Collection / Sneakers, $75, by Adidas Originals / Tank top by Calvin Klein Underwear / Socks by Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh / Skull necklaces skull rings and bracelet by Luka & Monini / Watch by Rolex / Armchair by Cassina

Anyone can knock off skinny jeans, but even the best fast-fashion brands can’t replicate this sweater. Either spring for the real thing or don’t even bother.

Sweater-Vest, $1,060, by Prada / Coat, $595, by Vince / Loafers, $110, by Bass Weejuns / Jeans, $70, by Levi’s / Shirt by Prada / Socks by Uniqlo / Watch by Rolex