If you’ve got some means but not quite enough to by your own Lamborghini, now you can get the next best thing. Check out the EsaVox from iXOOST, the Bluetooth speaker system that is actually crafted out of authentic Lamborghini components.

Photography: Lamborghini

Featuring an original Lambo exhaust and carbon fiber monocoque chassis, it’s got a passive shock absorber system used to dampen the enormous vibrations the monster creates, and uses ceramic supports to keep everything tight and together.

As you would expect for such an exquisite and exotic system, each is is handmade in Italy; and not surprisingly, it’s available orange, yellow, red and black.

From a tech spec perspective, it also shines with 6.1 virtual surround sound, analog input, DSP 24-bit ADC/DAC output, and a whopping 800 watts of power. Internally it’s outfitted with two two full-range 6.5-inch drivers, two 8-inch woofers, one 15-inch subwoofer and two 1-inch tweeters.

And the EsaVox includes a sweet power switch shaped like the push button starter that actual Lamborghinis have. It’ll only cost you about 1/10th of its inspiration, approximately $21,000. Not a typo. But for those that actually end up buying one, we suspect price won’t be much of a concern.