Take a break and laugh at this selection of hysterical photos from animals in the wild, as selected by group of international photographers and photo editors for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards. Learn more and buy their book at the link below. Part 1 of 4.


Must. Go. Faster.

Photography: Austin Thomas

Clearly the happiest owl in the world.

Photography: Edward Kopeschny

Good, good. But let's try it one more time from the top.

Photography: Perdita Petzl

Yes, my air guitar rocks.

Photography: Anup Deodhar

As if that's actually meant for me.

Photography: Vaughan Jessnitz

Jeesh, I've been to rest stops cleaner than that.

Photography: Caroline Tout

My own personal Ghillie suit.

Photography: James Mitson

I want to fly like an eagle...

Photography: Adam Parsons