Pagani used a new, clean-sheet design for it's Huara that resulted in a convertible supercar that's as rigid and lightweight as its respective hard top coupe. Their extensive use of a new material, dubbed carbo-titanium, increases stiffness by 52% over traditional carbon fiber, without adding weight. That innovation, coupled with use of a new lightweight aluminum alloy for the the Huayra’s suspension, allowed it to strip away an additional 176 pounds.

Photography: Pagani Automobili

Like the Huara BC, the convertible uses the 764-horsepower Mercedes-AMG 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12, and features a seven-speed automated manual transmission that is reportedly 40 percent lighter than a comparable dual-clutch transmission.

Pagani is only building 100 of the cars, each priced at $2.41 million. Perhaps not surprisingly, as was with the La Ferrari Aperta, each one has already been sold. If you can afford it, be prepared to aggressively bid on the first one that hits the auction market, whenever that might happen.