Costa Rica is only 51,100 square miles in size, roughly the size of West Virginia, USA or Denmark. However, it is home to (shockingly) five percent of all of Earth's bio diversity. As such, Costa Rica has become a popular travel destination for animal and nature lovers, as well as photographers. Enjoy these beautiful photos of just a little bit of what Costa Rica has to offer.

White-faced Capuchin

The highly intelligent, playful and mischievous monkey that might just steal your food.

Photography: thejaan

Blue Morpho

The legendary and mesmerizing butterfly.

Photography: Greg Zenitsky

Regal Hawk

One of more than 900 bird species found in Costa Rica.

Photography: James Anderson/Tartan Group

Red-eyed Tree Frog

The technicolor creature containing green, yellow, blue, orange and red.

Photography: Hehaden