Forget luxury hotels and first-class tickets. Here's how the 1% actually travels, from guided arctic expeditions to private island rentals in the Maldives. Enjoy!

Author: Siobhan Reid

Beyond Private Jet Expeditions

Can’t decide where to go on your African safari? With Beyond’s Private Jet Expeditions, you won’t have to! Offering 15- and 19-day tours through east and southern Africa, the luxe safari outfitter arranges private air travel to and from remote bush destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda and beyond. While on your tour, you’ll partake in once-in-a-lifetime activities like gorilla trekking, private hot air balloon adventures, full-day game drives, and shark cave diving, while learning from some of the continent’s foremost wildlife experts and conservationists. Other perks: private airport terminals, customs, and baggage claim facilities.

MV Cape Race Arctic Expedition

The MV Cape Race is a commercial fishing trawler-turned-expedition yacht whose 7,000-mile cruising range makes it powerful enough to reach the most remote areas of the Arctic. When it’s not being used for scientific expeditions and film projects, the vessel is rented out by deep-pocketed travelers with a hankering for adventure. On board amenities include a mahogany paneled saloon, a sauna, and an expansive front deck perfect for wildlife sightings and snapping photos of famous glaciers like Jakobshavn and Sermia.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

It’ll take you less than 80 days to traverse the world if you do it through the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. The luxury hotel chain sends passengers on 24-day trips around the world, stopping in cities across Asia, Africa, America and Europe, while flying on their private jet and staying at their most exclusive properties—all to the tune of $135,000 per person. The cities you stop in depends on the month you depart, but our dream itinerary is the Seattle-Tokyo-Beijing-Maldives-Serengeti-Istanbul-St. Petersburg-Marrakech-Boston.

French Riviera Luxury Yacht Charters

For a vacation combining privacy and unmatched luxury, do as Bey and Jay do and swan around the French Riviera on a private yacht. It costs a pretty penny (rates for charters through CharterWorld start at $595,775/week), but it'll get you a luxury crewed boat large enough to accommodate you and 30 of your friends. During the day, you'll cruise along the Côte d’Azur coastline and taking impromptu dips in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and at night, you and your pals will experience the famous nightlife in glitzy seaside towns like St. Tropez and Cannes.

Venice Simplon-Orient Express

In its heyday, the Orient Express was more glamorous than Europe’s finest hotel, with A-list passengers like Tolstoy, Trotsky, and Lawrence of Arabia. For a modern-day train travel experience that truly evokes the timeless glamour of the original, look no further than the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, a luxury ride that operates two-day trips between London, Paris and Venice. The highlights: impeccably-restored period coaches with etched glass and intricate marquetry, a lavish champagne and caviar bar, and nightly black-tie events. Make sure to save time for a meal; the chefs select fresh produce at each stop including lobsters from Brittany and salt marsh lamb from Mont Saint-Michel.

Custom-Designed Travel Itineraries

Whether you want to ride a reindeer-helmed sleigh, see the Northern lights, or explore the majestic fjords of Norway, Luxury Action can turn your most extravagant travel dream into a reality. The upscale vacation company company specializes in travel in Finland, Greenland, and the North Pole, and offers bespoke seven- and eight-day itineraries packed with unique outdoor adventures. Visit glaciers in Iceland, traditional saunas in Finland, and Christmas-themed chalets in Lapland—Luxury Action will take care of all the details from accommodations to dining, so you’ll never have to lift a finger.

Velaa Private Island Rental

Built from scratch for $200 million, Velaa Private Island is one of the most exclusive spots in the Maldives (and that’s saying a lot.) The luxury atoll is home to a handful of exclusive over-the-water villas, pool houses, and private residences — plus golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, and a wide range of watersports (think: snorkeling, diving, and swimming with giant mata rays.) You can rent the whole of the island for $1 million a night (yup, you read that right), but if that's too rich for your blood, you can also book a four-bedroom private residence for approximately $30,000 a night.