Irwin Chan, a Manchester School of Architecture Graduate and talented photographer, sets his sites high on the sky. Being raised in a city of dynamic proportions, Hong Kong was pivotal in Irwin’s interest towards the arts, and has also become the backbone in his aspirations to become an architect. His interest in photography stemmed from his travels as a young kid, when his parents would take him around the world to see and experience different cultures and traditions. It is his belief that photography is something you cannot learn, but something that can be developed through seeing the world and sharing it with likeminded individuals. Irwin is constantly inspired by photos taken by hobbyist photographers around the world, and being engaged in conversation with them has allowed him to learn and develop new skills, especially architecture and fine art photography. He does not like to stick to a certain style of photography, but instead likes to experiment and work with different mediums. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone; if it is to do street or portrait photography, you never know where your interests lie unless you try.

Photography: Irwin Chan